"> Dismal - Fiaba Lacrimevole - Indiepoprock

Fiaba Lacrimevole

Un album de sorti en chez .

Cet album n'a pas encore été chroniqué par notre équipe :(


  1. Dancing Around a Bonfire (During a Magical Rite Against the God)
  2. Beginning of a Crusade Heading to Nekropolyx or "Waiting for the Storm"
  3. Cristal-Tears in the Emerald-Forest or Thinking About "the Leviathan"
  4. The Holy Prayer of Shatephyn to the Might Blazing Ice-Sword
  5. Suxpyria- Crystalline Tears Kingdom
  6. The Icy Silence-Ballad (The Quietness After the Tempest)