"> The Paper Chase - Young Bodies Heal Quickly, You Know - Indiepoprock

Young Bodies Heal Quickly, You Know

Un album de sorti en chez .

Cet album n'a pas encore été chroniqué par notre équipe :(


  1. This May Be the Last Song You Ever Hear
  2. These Things Happen
  3. Ever Since the Turn
  4. Apple Pies and Alibis
  5. Neat; Manageable; Piles
  6. Can I Pour You Another Drink, Lover
  7. Lenny What's Gotten into You
  8. Doddamn These Hands (I Let Then Touch You)
  9. A Face That Could Launch a Thousand Ships
  10. Throw Your Body on the Apparatus
  11. Off with Their Heads!
  12. Daddy's Got Your Nose
  13. Paperwork
  14. When You Least Expect It
  15. When (And If) The Big One Hits...I'll Just Meet You There