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Liverpool Oratorio

Un album de sorti en chez .

Cet album n'a pas encore été chroniqué par notre équipe :(


  1. Movement I - War Andante (Orchestra)
  2. Movement I – War 'Non Nobis Solum'
  3. Movement I - War 'The Air Raid Siren Slices Through...' (Shanty)
  4. Movement I - War 'Oh Will It All End Here_' (Shanty)
  5. Movement I - War 'Mother And Father Holding Their Child'
  6. Movement II - School 'We're Here In School Today To Get A Perfect Education'
  7. Movement II - School 'Walk In Single File Out Of The Classroom' (Headmaster)
  8. Movement II - School 'Settle Down'
  9. Movement II - School 'Kept In Confusion' (Shanty)
  10. Movement II - School 'I'll Always Be Here' (Mary Dee)
  11. Movement II - School 'Boys, This Is Your Teacher' (Headmaster, Miss Inkley)
  12. Movement II - School 'Tres Conejos' (Miss Inkley, Headmaster, Shanty)
  13. Movement II - School 'Not For Ourselves' (Headmaster, Miss Inkley, Shanty)
  14. Movement III - Crypt 'And So It Was That I Had Grown' (Shanty)
  15. Movement III - Crypt Dance
  16. Movement III - Crypt 'I Used To Come Here When This Place Was A Crypt' (Shanty, Preacher)
  17. Movement III - Crypt 'Here Now' (Shanty)
  18. Movement III - Crypt 'I'll Always Be Here' (Mary Dee, Shanty)
  19. Movement III - Crypt 'Now's The Time To Tell Him' (Mary Dee, Shanty)
  20. Movement IV - Father Andante Lamentoso

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